Starving horse, week two rehab

Here are some pictures of Twasheek taken two weeks after he was found in our neighbor’s yard.  Our across the street neighbor has kindly given us permission to let Twasheek graze there and we have collected donations that have covered the vet bills and have been given donated hay that should cover his rehab.  People who don’t see him daily like I do say he’s really improved.  He still looks criminally skinny, but he is trotting and cantering around, and obviously feeling much, much better.  His skin is improving and almost all of the dead fur has been removed.  He’s starting to get some new fur growing, but still has many bald spots.  Once he is in good shape, his owner will probably take over his care again, of course not leaving him with the former caretaker.


~ by Anuttama on May 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Starving horse, week two rehab”

  1. Just inquiring about the status of Twasheek. How is he doing? Thank you for your time.

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