Future Pigeon Palace

I’ve always been intrigued by pigeons.  They have been the most reliable form of communication for millenia, and some individual pigeons even won awards during World Wars I and II.  So when the man who breeds our cows mentioned that he raced pigeons, I told him that I’d like some.  A couple of days later he turned up at our gate with five young birds.  This was in December, and we weren’t ready.  Billy quickly converted a crate into a”loft” and I stretched some used horse wire to make some temporary housing.  And there they have lived for about a year and a half.  We have Glenn Peck, Repecka, Windy, Gordon Brown, Dennis Coocinich (who turned out to be a hen), Windy, Chancellor of the Exchequer, BB, DB Cooer, Itsy Bits, Chubby Checker and Survivor.   Billy is in the process of making permanent, appropriate quarters for our elite birds.  Once they are happy there, I’ll be taking them on increasingly long distances to train them.  I let them out to fly almost every day, but do leave them in if the crows indicate that a hawk is near.

Billy made some awesome cubbies inside so that each bird/pair can have his own room.


~ by Anuttama on May 28, 2010.

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