Bee boxes donated to the Self Reliant Community

About a week ago I posted an ad on craigslist asking people to call me if they saw a swarm of honey bees.  I got a call from a lady who lives about two miles from us regarding the ad.  When she called and said it was about the craigslist ad, I was alarmed because I didn’t particularly want to drop everything and go collect a swarm, but it turned out that she wanted to donate some old hive bodies that had belonged to her deceased father.  Her father had passed away about 20 years ago, so after talking it over with Billy and Jerry, we decided that any disease in the hives would have faded and that if they were in good shape, we should take them.  There were also some other miscellaneous bee keeping supplies, the lady said.  She was also willing to sell a stainless steel honey extractor, something we had been looking for.  So today Billy and I took the truck over and picked up the hives and extractor.  Here is they are in the shed:

These bee supplies were donated to the Self Reliant Community

There were about 40 hive bodies and quite a few honey boxes, which pretty much filled up the truck.  At one point, Billy had to cut a board to support the shed roof because the boxes were actually holding up a support beam.

When we got home, we decided to take a break before unloading the boxes into Billy’s already full workshop.  Then Jerry called and said that he had room to store everything.

Here are Billy and Jerry unloading the truck:

Our group can now offer bee supplies to anyone who is interested in keeping bees, but unable to afford the start up costs.  There will be some work with cleaning them and they will have to be baked to remove any bacteria or fungi.  It will be fun to see how they are used.


~ by Anuttama on May 29, 2010.

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