Our new blog!

We have started this blog so that we can have a place to share our ideas, efforts, successes, and, yes, even challenges in our continuing adventure towards the goal of living locally.  Please visit this blog regularly because we’re hoping to post lots of pictures, videos and descriptions of our various projects.  Today is yet another rainy, rainy day and when I e-mailed my friend Irene explaining that we hadn’t picked up the bricks she’d offered us for the floor of our greenhouse because we hadn’t had a break in the rain, Irene replied that this was the rainiest May since they moved to the area in 1996.  Already 6″ of rain this month with three days to go!  But it was a good day to start a blog because I was tired of getting wet working in and out of the greenhouse.

Yesterday we had a short break in the rain and our male bees took the opportunity to have a party:

Please leave a comment if this blog interests you and we hope you visit regularly,



~ by Anuttama on May 29, 2010.

One Response to “Our new blog!”

  1. This is great. I love reading about what you and your neighborhood is doing! It’s like a mini Dispatch newspaper for 320th St and the self-reliant community. Wonderful.

    Rose Corey and Ripley’s Horse Aid Foundation might be able to also pitch-in with help for your horse. It’s amazing he is so skinny but not otherwise debilitated or sick.

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