Twasheek update

It is now one week since Twasheek turned up at our neighbor’s backyard.  His skin condition is being treated and he has food in front of him 24/7.  He is also getting vitamins and senior feed (thank you, Marilyn)  We are thinking of posting pictures of him every Sunday so that we can see how he improves. He is much more spunky and even trots around a little.  Billy found evidence that he went into his shop when we let him graze the front yard for a little while.  So he is a curious boy.

Donations haven’t been as good as we hoped.  We aren’t in a financial position to want to take on another large animal, so anything is appreciated.  A local chapter of Ripley’s could usually help, but they just took over the care of about 18 horses and are tapped out.

If it stops raining we do have the offer of a safe pasture where he could have plenty of grass, but there isn’t any shelter, so it will need to be drier to work for him in his condition.


~ by Anuttama on May 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Twasheek update”

  1. Hi Anuttama, I’m good for twenty bucks. Payday is Tuesday and I can bring the money by in the aftrenoon.

    Also, Kim Nichol, the co-owner of Amici’s Italian restaurant in Graham is a horse owner and a member of the rescue group SAFE. She might be able to point you towards some resources.

    One of the things I’ve learned covering all the horse rescues of the past couple of years is that starving horses take a long time to put the weight back on. I understand that there is the potential of giving the horse too much food too fast, as well. Do you know what those parameters are? I don’t – just asking.

    The fact that Ripley’s is maxxed out is unfortunate in the extreme – that so many resoucerces went to help the Darelene Wilson herd, and none left for someone like you. This might be a story for the paper.

    • Thanks, Bruce! If we spread out the participation, it isn’t too much of a burden on any individual. But of course there are so many worthy causes at this time. Hope to see you soon.

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