Interspecies Interactions

We don’t eat eggs, but we do have a bantam hen, Margaret Scratcher.  When only one keet (baby guinea fowl) hatched, we bought a chick to keep the little guy company.  We got the guinea because they were touted on the internet as being great slug eaters.  Well ours doesn’t eat slugs, and neither does Margaret.  When Margaret started to lay eggs this spring, a friend who comes to get milk suggested letting her hatch some Muscovy ducks that are guaranteed slug eaters.  Margaret did a great job (she’d been sitting her own eggs but had never met a rooster.)  We got four little duckies that Margaret accepted as her own.  They do eat slugs, in fact they’ll fight over them.

Now the duckies are grown and Margaret is laying eggs again (still no rooster).  Unfortunately when the duckies come into the poultry prison at night they crowd their Mom and really mess up the nest.  So I made a nesting box on a level where the duckies can’t reach, and look what turned up in it

I don't think the hen hatched this!

Poor Margaret.  It’s tough being a three pound chicken.

This is where all the poultry sleep at night. We close it up to protect them from prowling things.


~ by Anuttama on June 1, 2010.

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