How I cured a chronic auto-immune disease

First off, I’m not going to try to sell anything.  This cure is free and takes only about 5 seconds a day.  However by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll probably wish that I were peddling an herbal remedy.

I have suffered from dermatitis for over 40 years and am a recovered cortisone cream addict.  When I first started using cortisone cream, I believe the cream was about .01% and very effective.  I’d get a rash, rub on a little cream and presto, the rash disappeared.  Gradually it would take longer to work and over the years, the cream increased in potency until now it is, I believe 1%-2% cortisone.  In addition I began to notice that my skin was becoming thinner and less elastic, particularly on my hands, the place of the most frequent rashes.  Now if you’re thinking that a skin rash isn’t a very serious condition, consider that the skin is the body’s largest organ.  It also has lots of nerve endings.  A rash on the hands can affect a person’s quality of life making even the most simple tasks agony, particularly when the skin cracks at the knuckles.  Imagine milking a cow and having the skin on your joints crack open with each squeeze.  Dermatitis is an auto-immune disease meaning that the body is attacking itself.

About 3 years ago I became friends with a person, Padmargarba, who I soon discovered had been diagnosed with cancer.  He has a large tumor on his neck and has not undergone chemo or any operation to remove it.  However in the 14 years since he was diagnosed the tumor hasn’t grown and he has enjoyed amazingly good health.  He is in his 60’s and very active and hasn’t had a cold or the flu since he started treating himself for his cancer.  The subject of his treatment came up when I suffered a bout of shingles.  When he told me what it was I realized that you’d have to be really suffering to take the cure.  Every morning he drinks his morning pee.

Well the shingles was terrible: there were shooting pains in my arms, a terrible sense of unease, weird sensations in my spine and general malaise.  So I bit the bullet and tried doing it.  I almost vomited and was so mentally disturbed about it that when the next morning came I decided that the cure was worse than the disease.

Two years went by and when autumn came and we got Rain, the cow we care for over the winter, my hands became extremely painful with itchy, watery bumps and painful cracks due to milking her twice a day and cleaning the dairy equipment.   I was living on cortisone cream and it wasn’t working very well.  So I decided to try soaking my hands in my urine.  At first I was very repugnant about putting my hands in–yuck–pee.  But after the first experiment I began to look forward to the immediate relief.  Pretty soon I was soaking my hands four or five times a day and the cracks began to heal.  However I did feel like I was chasing the rash.  Between “treatments” the itchy rash would appear, if only to be quashed by the next treatment.  One morning I realized that I wasn’t repulsed by the idea of drinking pee anymore and began to seriously consider doing it.  I happened to be at my veterinarian’s office and mentioned the idea to him.  He was very intrigued and gave me a piece of surgical hose to use as a straw to bypass the taste buds.  Shortly I did try it and now I drink about 8 oz of morning pee every morning.  I’ve been doing this for 6 months and have never felt better.  People around me have come down with a variety of colds and flu, but although I have on occasion felt the beginning of symptoms, it never progresses to being sick.  I believe that I am immune to cancer.  I have never been a person to take vitamins or herbal remedies regularly, so this 6 months of doing a “tonic” is something completely new to me.  It just really works.

No one knows why urine therapy works, but here is my hypothesis:  the immune system isn’t a network or an organ, but rather something more ethereal, like a frequency.  The urine picks up this frequency which attach to the atoms/compounds in the urine.  When you ingest this, it acts like a lever, letting your body in essence recognize itself and work on what needs to be taken care of.  So any bacteria, virus or tendency to attack itself is more easily recognized and destroyed.

Here’s how I do it now, if anyone is interested in trying it:  I collect about 8 oz. of morning pee mid-stream into a drinking glass.  I have a glass of water handy and then put a bendy straw in the glass of pee.  I take a deep breath and hold drink quickly through the straw, tilting my head back so that the pee doesn’t actually contact the taste buds.  When I’ve drank it all, I quickly follow with water and breath through my mouth for a few minutes.  Actually pee doesn’t taste nearly as bad as some of the herbal remedies such as willow bark that I brew.  However I take these precautions to minimize the possibility of repugnance rearing its ugly head once again.

Cortisone cream is great for the pharmaceutical companies.  It keeps the users addicted while not treating the condition.  The customers just need more and more.  I’m glad to be free from the pharmaceutical industry and now only use home made cures.

Comments are welcome on this post:)  Please forward this article to anyone you know who suffers from a chronic disease.


~ by Anuttama on June 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “How I cured a chronic auto-immune disease”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Anuttama. Hearing your story gives me more courage to try it again for myself.

    When you had first mentioned the urine therapy, I tried applying my urine topically to my dermititis and didn’t see any real change.

    It would sting when I first applied it to my skin, but the pain quickly went away. I also enjoyed mastering my repugnance towards the urine, aceepting it as part of me, and the smell was not offensive at all but rather, a kind of curiously earthy aroma. Smell was a factor since I was applying the urine on my face.

    Nevertheless, I stopped after a few trials and didn’t think much more about it.

    However, as I read your commentary I contemplated what my experiences have been and realized that my dermititis has been much resolved over the past month or two – and I think my effort to lose weight, eat smaller portions and eat better foods may be leading the charge on the skin rashes, too! It ain’t rocket science – less desserts, less sugar, fructose and butter; no ice cream and minimal vino; and lots more kale, with tons o’ organic carrots on the side when cravings hit.

    Plus more morning yoga and physical activity in the garden.


  3. Wow, Anuttama, you are brave. I’m glad it’s working for you. I have a similar condition, never diagnosed, but it’s not bad enough for me to try this yet. However, it’s not out of the question! I’m glad I know this possible treatment if it gets too out of hand.

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