Can giving a friend a gift knife sever the relationship?

Relationships between yourself and others are the most important things in your life.  One thing that can enhance relationships is the giving of gifts.  In the Nectar of Instruction by Srila Rupa Goswami is the following verse:

The Nectar of Instruction 4

dadāti pratigṛhṇāti

guhyam ākhyāti pṛcchati

bhuńkte bhojayate caiva

ṣaḍvidhaḿ prītilakṣaṇam


dadāti — gives charity; pratigṛhṇāti — accepts in return; guhyam — confidential topics; ākhyāti — explains; pṛcchati — enquires; bhuńkte — eats; bhojayate — feeds; ca — also; eva — certainly; ṣaṭvidham — six kinds; prīti — of love; lakṣaṇam — symptoms.


Offering gifts in charity, accepting charitable gifts, revealing one’s mind in confidence, inquiring confidentially, accepting prasāda and offering prasāda are the six symptoms of love shared by one devotee and another.

Astrologers understand that objects resonate with the frequencies of various planets depending on the object’s use.  For instance flowers, perfume, art and fine cloth are objects that pick up the beautiful, sensual Venusian energy and giving these types of items as gifts increases the Venusian quality of the people giving and receiving such gifts.  In most relationships, people need to be careful about increasing the Martian and Saturnine energy.  Giving Martian-type gifts has the potential to sever a relationship and giving Saturnine gifts could cause mutual criticism or gossip.   Here is a basic list of gifts and the energies that they can bring into a relationship:

Venusian, to increase friendship, love, happiness, beauty:  flowers, perfume or scented objects, fine cloth, extravagant bedding, art, comfortable vehicles, music.

Solar, to increase confidence, leadership, charisma (be careful giving these things because they aren’t really good for a relationship, but may be good for an individual if the individual isn’t already too confident): plaques, awards, metals, hand-spun cloth, regalia.

Lunar, to increase emotional closeness and security:  practical things for everyday use such as towels, toiletries, pottery, everyday clothing.

Mercurial, to increase communication:  communication devices/electronics, things to facilitate business such as day planners,  information books (superficial rather than philosophical), an abacus, office supplies.

Jovian, to increase knowledge and goodwill:  chocolates, candy, baked goods, philosophical/deep books.

Martian, to increase protection/preparedness/camaraderie (be careful with these gifts–only to be given between comarades-at-arms):  blades,  knives, metal/mechanical devices, cookware, anything with a flame.

Saturnine, increases discipline, precision, but also can increase criticism or tendency to gossip:  anything black or very dark colored, coal, worn fabric.

Conservative astrologers also recommend avoiding giving gifts made from plaid fabric because it could increase the tendency for surprises in a relationship and similarly avoiding giving clothes that are stitched, meaning most clothing.

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~ by Anuttama on June 8, 2010.

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