Billy Catches a Bee Swarm

Our bees swarmed yesterday and beecause we were prepared, we were able to catch them and put them in a hive.  Actually last week we tried to split the hive–they were making new queens like crazy–but we couldn’t find the queen (the new queens were still unhatched), so we resigned ourselves to having to try to catch a swarm.  Here is a video of the swarm:

I couldn’t video the actual collection which might have been interesting–the two of us balancing on ladders, shaking the clump into a bucket and then pouring the bugs into the prepared hive–because it took both of us to accomplish the task and no one wanted to bee around to video.

Here are the bees (Billy Bees) in their new digs:

These bugs settled right down and started cleaning the comb we gave them, indicating that we caught the queen.


~ by Anuttama on June 13, 2010.

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