Bring sweetness, love and beauty into your life

Have you ever wondered why there are places on a package where it is appropriate to put a bow, and other places where the bow would look totally out of place?  Have you ever wondered why it is almost impossible to make a flower arrangement look good using exactly four similar flowers?  Have you ever wondered why one building looks appropriate, elegant and proportioned while another is ungainly, awkward and odd?  If you are a person who naturally knows how to make  flowers look good in an arrangement, who knows how to decorate a room tastefully, who can dress with style and wrap a gift with flair, you are a person who strongly receives the energy associated with the planet, Venus.  You can increase your appreciation for beauty and good taste by amplifying the Venusian energy in your life.

If you are interested in amplifying the Venusian energy in your life, you can surround yourself with objects and an environment that attracts the Venusian energy.  Flowers, art, tasteful furnishings, soft flooring, fine fabric, silk, incense and perfume all amplify the Venusian energy.  Making an effort to dress in soft, comfortable, colorful and tasteful clothing will also amplify this energy as will making an effort at beauty treatments such as applying makeup with restraint, manicuring nails and making an effort to make your hair look great.  Wearing diamonds or turquoise also amplify the Venusian energy.

The Venusian energy is personified as a huge, virile, submissive and sensual man

The Venusian energy is balanced, but not necessarily symmetrical.  That is why it looks “right” to sometimes wear a hat at an angle or why it is right to wear a broach on one lapel, but not both.  The energy is personified by a large, sweet, flamboyant, submissive man, again indicating the balance of male/female energies.

Friday (Friya’s day) is Venus’ day which means that the Venusian energy is enhanced.  It is a good day to go clothes shopping, arrange furniture, work on graphics or art, play music and enjoy socializing.


~ by Anuttama on July 22, 2010.

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