How to be more jovial

Have you ever wanted to be more deeply satisfied, philosophical and jovial?  Well, you can achieve this by surrounding yourself with Jovian energy.  Jovian energy, a subtle frequency connected to the celestial body, Jupiter can be amplified in a number of ways.  One way that people unconsciously amplify the Jovian energy is through the use of the index finger.  A teacher naturally draws upon the Jovian energy by holding up the Jupiter finger (index finger) when instructing or scolding.  Because the Jovian energy can be harsh when used in anger, pointing the index finger is considered to be rude in all of human society that I’m aware of.

The Jovian energy is personified by a portly, jovial, philosophical man who loves rich food

Jupiter’s gemstones are yellow stones such as topaz, yellow sapphire and citrine will also amplify the Jovian energy.  Purchasing/wearing for the first time such a stone on Jupiter’s day, Thursday will further strengthen the Jovian energy as will wearing the stone on Jupiter’s finger.

Environments where the Jovian energy is strong are places that are golden yellow, libraries, universities and places where philosophical discourses take place.  Churches that are philosophically inclined (as opposed to righteous social centers) can also be places where you can get a good dose of the Jovian energy.

Another way to amplify the Jovian energy is to eat rich or sweet foods.  Giving a gift of sweets or deep fried foods will enhance that energy in the relationship with the recipient.  Jovian energy can also be enhanced in a relationship by giving philosophical/religious books.

Thursday (Thor’s day) is Jupiter’s day when the Jovian energy is relatively stronger, making it a great day for warm-hearted activities such as helping others, engaging in philosophical/religious activities, learning and teaching.  Because the hours between 4:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon are ruled by Ketu, it is best not to begin a journey at that time.


~ by Anuttama on July 22, 2010.

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