Turn criticism and gossip into precision and discernment

On Saturn’s day, Saturn’s critical, gossipy, somber energy is stronger.  Fortunately this frequency can be turned into discernment and precision, just by being aware of its influence.  Saturday is a good day to look at things you’ve accomplished during the week with discernment.  Imperfections, for instance in writing, building projects, art projects, ewing or even animal training are more obvious on this day, so you will be able to become more perfect in whatever you do by reviewing your work on this day.  If you have a tendency to gossip, this is a good day to turn the gossip into useful self-evaluation and work on becoming a more perfect person yourself.

Saturn’s finger is the middle finger, and you can easily amplify the critical energy of Saturn by extending this finger.

If you want to be more precise, self-critical and sober, you can amplify Saturn’s energy by wearing a dark stone such as a blue sapphire or lapis lazuli on your middle finger.  You can be more in sync with the day by wearing dark blue, black or dark gray.  Any dark objects, but particularly worn dark objects will also amplify Saturn’s energy in your surroundings.


~ by Anuttama on July 24, 2010.

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