Do animals have astrology charts?

To answer that question, you need to understand that astrology actually is: it is the study of how the planetary frequencies affect events.  From my study of the subject, I’ve come to understand that bodies (human or otherwise) have substances such as testosterone and serotonin that pick up the planetary frequencies and affect the body in question, through urges, desires, impulses or outright thoughts.  So naturally animals, having these substances in their bodies, too are affected by planetary frequencies.  This can easily be seen by what happens when an animal companion is given a surgical procedure to make him produce much less testosterone.  His urges, aggression and general behavior becomes much less martial (affected by Mars’ frequency).

Some animals are, by the nature of their bodies, more affected by specific planetary frequencies.  An easy animal to see this with is the cat.  Cats are strongly affected by the Solar energy that is a charismatic, selfish, superior, dignified and sometimes cruel energy.  That pretty much describes most cats.  Dogs tend to be affected by the Venusian energy and so love socializing, massages, touching and general sensuality, particularly sensuality regarding the nose.

A similar question is: do animals have souls?  The answer is, of course, no.  They cant have a soul because they are a soul.  The presence of consciousness in a body indicates that the soul is present.  When the consciousness leaves a body–the soul departs–we can easily see that the body in question is just a lump of dead matter.  Animals also have desires, fears, attachments, cravings and can feel sorrow.  They are really different from humans in that they have a different type of vehicle that carries their consciousness.  The only thing that actually distinguishes a human from an animal is that the human has the ability to inquire about the purpose of life.


~ by Anuttama on August 8, 2010.

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