Timeshare Permaculture Project?

Billy and I have been thinking of various ways that we can make the Mitzel Farm into a local living/permaculture project showpiece.  Selling our 3 acre farm to raise a substantial part of the investment doesn’t seem to be an option as we have had it on the market and didn’t have any showings in almost a year.  So one idea we came up with was to do the project as a timeshare.  People who are interested in the project, or just people who want to spend time in the vacation land where the farm is located could buy a week/year of the farm.  At the asking price of $479,000, the week would be about $9500.  (The owners have indicated that they’re open to offers)  That would give the owner of the timeshare the use of a beautiful 2500 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for one week/year.  The house could easily be set up as two separate units, making a potential share as low as $5000.  We would set up some living quarters in one of the other buildings for ourselves, and act as caretakers.  The farm is quite close to great skiing in the winter and borders the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, so it has great vacation possibilities all year in addition to being a permaculture project.  People who purchase timeshares can generally perceive good values because they hold title to a property which can be sold or traded and it may increase in value if real estate values increase.

Right now this concept is just an idea and I’m posting it here on the blog to see how much response we get.  If we get a sufficient number of people who are even slightly interested, we’ll contact an attorney and see if the idea is doable.  So please e-mail or call if you have any interest at all so we will know if this is an idea to pursue.



~ by Anuttama on August 15, 2010.

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