Out of the closet

In the “About Billy and Anuttama” section of this blog I mention that we’ve been learning local living/self reliant skills for the last four years.  It has been taboo in the past for us to publicly discuss what prompted us to start learning these things.  Well, this article will break that taboo: the time has come for us to come out of the closet.

What happened four years ago that caused us to start growing food, learning local medicine, keeping bees, etc.?  We started to review the facts regarding 911, rather than just accepting the story as presented by the media.  I can imagine some readers rolling their eyes, and thinking, oh, another conspiracy theorist, but if you are an eye-roller, consider this: a conspiracy is a group of people, planning in secret to commit a crime.  So whether those conspiring were people living in caves in Afghanistan or some other group of people, 911 was a conspiracy by definition.  What were the facts that caused us to disbelieve the official story?  The clincher was when we discovered that a third skyscraper in the World Trade Center fell on 911 without being hit by an airplane.  It fell at almost free fall speed into its footprint, exactly like a building undergoing a controlled demolition.  This event was not investigated in the 911 commission report, and no one to my knowledge has even bothered to explain the odd collapse.  Basically the story was buried and most people are unaware that it even happened.

When we realized that a huge lie had been perpetrated regarding 911, we started exploring other odd things that have been going on and soon realized that things such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the torturing in Guantanamo, the financial collapse, the bailout, the stimulus and even the presidential elections have been engineered with a common goal.  Since we don’t care to be a part of that goal, we decided that the only solution is to have the skills, knowledge and tools to be able to prosper outside of the framework that ties modern “civilization” together.

Consider what would happen if gasoline were suddenly $20-$50/gallon–something that could easily happen if the Strait of Hormuz were blockaded.  The people who still have jobs might not be able to make enough going to work to pay for their gas to get there, grocery prices would skyrocket because food is all delivered over long distances, heating prices/electricity would soar and what is left of the economy would come to a standstill.  If you use your imagination, it could become really ugly.  A similar scenario could happen if the value of the dollar were to drop due to the Chinese declining to buy US treasuries.  If the oil that is covering 40% of the ocean floor in Gulf of Mexico were to come to the surface due to a hurricane causing the lower levels of the ocean to come to the surface, up to 30 million Americans would potentially be displaced–another potential scenario that could cause the final collapse of the economy.  Our way of life is fragile, like a house of cards with each efficient part depending on all of the others.  If we don’t have money and oil, we don’t eat.  It is that simple.  The solution is to know how to eat without money and oil.  That is also simple, but does require some practice, knowledge, skills and planning.

One interesting side note here is that our government has a bill in Congress that would make it illegal to grow food.  Sigh.

Recently I mentioned to a friend that the official story regarding 911 was a fairy tale and she turned to her daughter and said, “we have different beliefs about that.”  Beliefs?  When I mentioned the third skyscraper falling without being hit by a plane, she got that “deer in the headlights” look and said that she didn’t know anything about that.  Apparently she’ll also decline to research the facts about the matter and happily remain in ignorance.  The only way she can maintain her “belief” is by consciously remaining ignorant.  The problem is that just by not thinking about something and its potential implications doesn’t make the reality of it go away.  If you do go to the effort to learn the truth about what is going on in America (and the world), you will have to come to the conclusion that these events will soon affect your own life in a serious way.  For us the solution was to be prepared.

If you are interested in learning the truth, here are some references that I found helpful:

Video:  Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo who unfortunately died shortly after producing this documentary.  It is quite long, but a great history lesson.

Blog: The Grand Delusion This blog has current articles and a collection of good reference material

Documentary:  Dead in the Water About Israel’s attack on a US spy ship that was covered up by the US.

Video:  Loose Change Details many of the anomalies regarding 911 including why a jetliner wouldn’t fit in the hole in the Pentagon.

Blog:  The Liberty Voice Collection of articles regarding the reality of what is happening (as opposed to the spin given by the media).

Now is not the time to be so busy with your current situation that you don’t make time to be informed.  These ominous occurrences are likely to affect you personally.  If you are informed and prepared, you can hope to be able to flourish through the transformation.  If you choose to remain ignorant, the surprise could be disasterous.

Our advice:  As a minimum, identify one or more people with whom you are comfortable and who live in a situation where they could grow their own food with the resources available, and tell him/her/them that you would like to have a back up plan in the case of an emergency.  Then talk about what you have to offer if you were to come in such a situation.  It makes sense to offer to provide a stock of seeds that grow food easily and at least a year’s supply of food for everyone that could show up in an emergency situation.  Most people would welcome someone offering to supply such an emergency stash, and even if they didn’t have the storage room for the supplies, a mini-storage could be rented nearby, particularly if several families were to participate.

Future articles will give information about storing emergency food–the quantities and techniques for preserving them.

If you are thinking that the end of the world will occur in 2012 as predicted by the Mayans, please consider where that fantasy comes from:  the same people who brought you the 911 fantasy.  The time to be prepared is now.


~ by Anuttama on August 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Out of the closet”

  1. Thank you, well said, I am in complete agreement with you.

  2. Someone told me once that humans just want to be fat, dumb and happy…and they will studiously ignore anything that impinges on that unless and until it reaches the point where they can’t any more. The current paradigm strongly encourages ignorance, group-think and out sourcing of basic needs. Why on earth would you keep a milch goat, much less a cow if you can just go down to the Safeway and buy a gallon of milk? Chickens? You keep chickens? Ewwwwww! Don’t they poop a lot? (I actually had someone say this to me….). I’ve also had someone tell me that they don’t grow their own vegetables because the vegetables from someone’s garden are “dirty”, and the vegetables that come from the store are “clean”. I am seldom left speechless, LOL! …but it does happen. 😀

    While most people are not sufficiently focused to pull off self sufficiency, most of us can increase our self reliance. There does appear to be a surge of interest in increasing self reliance, though, and I’m thrilled to see it. Every step is forward motion for ourselves and our communities!

  3. Good job, you guys really worded it well. The truth hurts sometimes, some may awaken, some may choose to stay asleep..but you chose to awaken and stay that way. Proud you should be.

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