Margaret Scratcher hatches chicks!

Margaret Scratcher, our bantam partridge cochin hen was an only-chicken for a long time.  She really wanted to hatch eggs, so last spring we got some Muscovy duck eggs that she set and hatched four of the six eggs we gave her.  All summer she’d start setting eggs and I’d give them to the dogs (we don’t eat eggs).  So when one of our daughter’s clients offered us a bantam rooster that wasn’t working out at his place, we thought he’d make a good friend for Margaret.  They were inseparable until Margaret had laid enough eggs and she began setting.  I provided food an water near her nest, and she was very dedicated to the task of incubating.  Then a couple of evenings ago when I went to lock her in her hen house, I felt under her and saw many of the eggs had hatched.  Beyond cute!  There are 13 chicks, although I’d only counted 12 eggs.  Now we’re just going to have to find good homes for most of them because that many birds here will be too many.  We just need homes that are willing to take the boys, too and won’t end up eating them.

Speedy Gonzales


~ by Anuttama on September 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Margaret Scratcher hatches chicks!”

  1. I cant wait to hear the names of 1-13 chickys. Im sure you have seen the chicken tractors or heard about them. Good way to de-grubb large areas. Congratulations and Im sure there will be plenty of scratching going on..

  2. Fantastic blog, what great photos of your chickens and animals as well, and thanks for posting all of this great information on DIY living!

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