Homemade dog food recipe

I’m now finished feeding my dogs the unhealthy, preservative laden stuff they sell labeled “dog food.”  Last night I cooked up our first batch of “local living dog food”, and the dogs declared it a success.  My research had indicated that dogs are actually omnivores rather than carnivores (like cats) and can do well on a diet of food that might otherwise be discarded.  Among the things that we compost but could be fed to dogs: whey from making cheese, peelings and vegetable cores, leftover human food and eggs.  We have pigeons, a hen and ducks (not yet laying eggs), but don’t eat eggs, so they can become a good source of protein for the dogs.

So last night, after fixing dinner, I used the pot I’d used for making mashed potatoes without cleaning it out and added potato peelings, bell pepper cores, some garbanzo beans I’d pressure cooked (accidentally more than we needed for dinner), a half gallon of whey left over from making cheese and a few cups of rolled oats from the cow’s supply in the barn.  I also found some old butter that had been neglected in the back of the fridge and mixed it all together.  Then I set it on the wood stove and cooked it for about an hour.  Because I’d already fed the dogs, I refridgerated the pottage over night and gave them some this morning.  It was a success!  Of course my dogs, Sniff and Ruger think everything tastes good and my grandpuppy, Holly is also agreeable, so it wasn’t so amazing that they ate it.  However it did make me feel good that I’m using a resource that was previously discarded and I am also happy to be feeding our dogs much more wholesome food.

I’ve also told the neighbors what I’m doing: basically not buying the dog food anymore and have asked them to let me know when they are throwing out leftovers so that I can give them to the dogs.

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~ by Anuttama on September 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Homemade dog food recipe”

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you make your own dog food. I started making our own dog food with just brown rice and veggie’s for my daughter’s dalmation 12 years ago- to protect their delicate kidneys. He grew Extremely well on it, very rarely did we add meat but my new dog food combines different whole grains, like oats, brown rice, bulgur wheat and meat and veg and I can it in the pressure canner for my granddoggy so I can send it to my daughter- pug Brin. I also buy the better dog food without corn or animal byproducts in it. So I’m not completely wonderful to my own five dogs, but,,,,,,,,, Good Job!!

    • In a perfect world I’d make the dog food from grains/beans that we grew ourselves. Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the farmland to be able to do that. In the meantime we’re using the diabolical GMO corn and soy because that is what is available for an affordable price. Your grandpuppy sounds like he/she is a little spoiled, but that is easier for a small dog. Keeping five dogs is probably a challenge in a number of ways, but it is great that you are able to provide a home for them.

  2. Potato peelings are toxic for dogs!!

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