How to make a hard cheese, aged in the refrigerator using easily obtained ingredients and equipment

Below is a pictorial guide for making a basic cheese suitable to be aged for several weeks in the refrigerator.  Thank you, Lauretta, for helping take the pictures during our cheese making class this afternoon!

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~ by Anuttama on November 27, 2010.

14 Responses to “How to make a hard cheese, aged in the refrigerator using easily obtained ingredients and equipment”

  1. You have a very interesting site. I was actually writing to get the name of the background music on the mozzerella-making video.
    Thanks, Julie

  2. The music is Europa played by Guitar Romantica, a duo of great guitarists who are also rocket scientists. They kindly gave me permission to use their music which can be purchased on itunes.

  3. Richard has been making hard cheese at least once, and sometimes twice a week since we took your cheese making class! It was great! The cheese is so much better than store bought. Anuttama, your instructions were outstanding, and it was a perfect day! Thank you!

  4. this playback thing makes it very difficult to look at the entry. a series of pictures would be better for me.

  5. Very cool! I’m going to do this. Fankhauser recommends using rennet…what’s your take?

    • Dr. Fankhauser advocates using equipment and ingredients that you already have or that are available in any grocery store. However the rennet that is sold in the baking section of our local Supermarket is non-vegetarian and so I do order my vegetarian rennet from Glengarry Cheese Supplies. I ordered a liter of vegetarian rennet about 3 years ago and still have some even though I’ve given quite a bit away.

  6. At what temperature should the refridgerator be kept?

  7. Ffnd the video very fast and hard to pause. Had to keep rewatching it . Do you use whole milk or separated milk?

  8. I have tried this process twice today and both times the buttermilk has done nothing to set the milk. It is exactly the same consistency as when I put it into the pot. I have followed the instructions as given and feel very disappointed that I have just wasted the second gallon of milk. I have used pasteurised whole milk, but then it doesnt say not to, I have stuck to all the correct temperatures. What could be the problem? I have used St.Ivel cultured buttermilk, and, based on the gallon of milk I have added a tablespoon of buttermilk. Do I leave it for longer to see if it will thicken, do I heat it up? It is currently at room temp as that seems to be the condition at this stage. Please would you advise me? I dont want to waste a second gallon of milk.

  9. I have had the same problem as Carol, today. Tried twice, but got nothing. Should I leave the buttermilk out overnight to culture? Is there rennet in the recipe which I’m missing? Do the pictures show all of the steps, or are there some which I am missing?


    • I just looked at the recipe and it is missing the rennet! Add 1/4 tablet of rennet or 1/4 tsp liquid rennet per gallon of milk, right after adding the buttermilk and letting it sit for 20 minutes. Sorry!!!

  10. Hmm… I’d suggest you update the instructions so that more people don’t make the mistake of missing the rennet and then finding out that rennet was needed after reading all the comments here.

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