When practicing medicine is business rather than service

In the last month I’ve experienced problems with my gallbladder.  At first I thought the stabbing pain in my gut was due to having run a hose to get water in the house from a neighbor due to an extended power outage.  But when no one else in the house had any intestinal complaints and my condition did not improve, other than temporarily by drinking Oregon grape tea, I began to investigate what else it could be.  It turned out that my symptoms matched the symptoms posted on the internet for a person having gallstones.

There were two “camps” of ways to treat gallbladder problems.  One camp I’ll call “Medical Business” where solutions that are accepted by the industry are promoted.  These solutions tend to be treatments that your health insurance will cover.   The other camp is a diverse group I’ll call the “Medical Service” where the solutions are based on home remedies and herbal or supplement solutions.  The Medical Service websites tend to be run by individuals who seek to help people and provide information that may be withheld by the Medical Industry.

Websites dealing with gallstones that are run by the Medical Industry almost all claim that the solution to pain from gallstones was to have the gallbladder removed.  Some of these sites ridiculed people who tried liver/gallbladder cleanses citing that there was no scientific evidence that such cleanses worked.

Websites dealing with gallstones that were run as a service promoted various ways to try to rid the gallbladder through fasting or eating a limited diet and then drinking a combination of citrus (usually either lemon or grapefruit) juice and oil.  While websites promoting such cleanses don’t have expensive scientific studies to support the use of the procedure, they do provide lots of anecdotal evidence from people who have solved their gallbladder problems using the cleanses.

The cleanse that I choose from the variations I found on the internet was to only drink apple juice–no solid food–for a day and then in the evening drink a cup of virgin olive oil mixed with a cup of lemon juice.  Yuck!  While I don’t want to lose subscribers to my blog by describing the result, let it suffice to say that the result was that I lost a whole lot of gallstones.  I did find that after doing the cleanse I have to keep my gallbladder from getting to full because it hurts if I don’t eat for an extended length of time.  So I’ve been eating a teaspoon of peanut butter in the morning if I begin to feel the beginnings of gallbladder pain.  Then the pain is gone within minutes.  Problem solved and I still have my gallbladder.  I haven’t had any gallbladder pain for over four days now, so I think I’m over the problem.

The Medical Industry claims that the gallbladder is not a necessary organ.  However my research has indicated that it is quite important in maintaining optimal digestion.  Bile, which is stored in the gallbladder performs three functions: it neutralizes the stomach acids, it digests fats and it acts as a laxative.  When bile is stored in the gallbladder, a significant amount of bile is available on short notice if there is fat that needs digesting or if there is stomach acid that needs neutralizing.  The gallbladder can release the bile on demand.  A person who doesn’t have a gallbladder will have bile constantly pouring into his intestines, even when there is no work for it do do.  The caustic properties of the bile certainly affect the health in the absence of the gallbladder.  So it is actually criminal for the Medical Industry to promote removing the gallbladder, except in cases where the person has failed to solve the gallstone problem through trying a cleanse.

I’ve talked to numerous people who have had gall bladder surgery, but not one of them was advised by a doctor to try the simple cleanse that worked for me and for countless people who have posted their experiences on the internet.  Are doctors so incurious that they don’t bother to research alternatives to the protocol directed by the health insurance industry?  Are they afraid to act outside the mainstream Medical Industry?  Are they more interested in gaining additional income by prescribing a more expensive treatment than an olive oil cleanse?  Are they afraid of empowering the patient to solve his health issues using home remedies?  Only the individual doctor really knows the answer to these questions.  But I’m convinced that in this modern age, it is essential to use common sense to solve health problems and to only go the the Medical Industry practitioners as a last resort.  They don’t have our interests at heart.

It is a sad commentary on our society when the people we entrust with our health turn out to be more interested in money than helping to relieve suffering.  I’ve discovered the cure for autoimmune diseases, including cancer, a cure that if it were widely broadcast would put the pharmaceutical companies out of business, and now I’ve discovered that the protocol for dealing with gallbladder problems is criminal.  How many other problems are perpetuated rather than solved due to the greed of the Medical Industry?

Here are some things that seem to be true:

  • The education of doctors seem to be tied to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Doctors are not encouraged to learn anything outside of the establishment
  • The medical insurance industry is more interested in profits than people’s health
  • The medical insurance industry controls doctors
  • There are huge profits when people have chronic diseases, there is little profit in curing people of chronic conditions
  • When people get cancer, it is a bonanza for the medical industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry
  • The establishment medical industry seems to have a monopoly, at least psychologically, on health treatments although they’ve really done nothing to earn the trust of the people
  • The area where modern medicine really excels is in treating trauma

~ by Anuttama on December 10, 2010.

10 Responses to “When practicing medicine is business rather than service”

  1. Amen and AMEN to that last paragraph!!
    Thank you for sharing, I also would do what you did. Good to know it works.

  2. Im glad to hear you found a combination that worked for you. Also good to cut back on all milk products for a short time. I cant remember just what the percentage was of classes taught to aspiring MDs, taught by pharma. companys. It was quite high. Hey one pill makes you taller and one pill makes you small..gotta go its snowing on the screan here.

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better!! I’m planning on trying one of those cleanses, hopefully before my next attack of gallstone pain. I’ll let you know how it goes. =)

  4. Your blog couldn’t have been more timely. I started having pain last night and when I woke up today there was your email in my inbox. Heaven sent indeed. I’m out the door getting apple juice.

  5. I just went to the doctor tonight and they suspect gall stones, will call for an ultrasound tomorrow. I am determined to heal naturally and so am thankful for your information. Was the apple juice raw and unpasteurized? I have been through a lot with my digestive issues, so what you did sounds easy and doable for me. Did the gallstones hurt or cause discomfort as they came out? I plan to do some research and do all that I can towards healing my gall bladder (assuming gall stones are my problem) and so far I have read that whole red beets are beneficial on Dr. Mercola’s site. Anyway, THANK YOU for posting about this, my sister referred me to your site tonight and I am so glad she did.


    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for the comment on our blog. I’m sorry you are going through gallstones. And I’m really glad that you aren’t going 100% with the mainstream medicine protocol. I’m not through with gallstones. I’ve had to do two more cleanses and each time I get lots of little green “jewels” that I assume are the stones. Apparently my liver makes lumps in the bile, and I’m trying to figure out why. One thing in my diet has been coconut oil and I’m trying eliminating that and will see if the problem goes away. I’m also doing all the liver acupressure points and that really seems to help. I just have to discipline myself to do it several times a day which is hard because I feel great right now.

      I used organic, pasteurized apple juice. Raw juice wasn’t easily available.

      After drinking the lemon/oil mix, I expected to have a busy night, but amazingly slept through and the stones passed in the morning. I now use epsom salts in the morning (1 TBS in a quart of water–yuck!), but apparently the epsom salts dilate the bile duct. They’re hard on the kidneys, though.

      On my first cleanse, I felt great until the afternoon and then had a huge amount of pain. So I did a second cleanse. Apparently, though the pain was due to the fact that I didn’t eat any fat the second day and my gallbladder filled up with bile causing the pain. I finally got the idea to eat some peanut butter, and presto, the pain immediately went away. I think my gallbladder was damaged and the bile was irritating it.

      What bothers me the most about this is that our medical system is so screwed up that you have to get real information from strangers on the internet. Genuine healers who are trained under the medical industry seem to get their talents stripped from them. What a sad state of affairs.

      Wishing you the best!


  6. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I am not one to trust conventional medicine and recognize that various medical professions are helpful to a point. I appreciate the help a local ND gave me, but saw he had limitations, and my current food and environmental allergist has his limitations… conventional medicine has it’s uses, but rarely (if ever) for healing, but sometimes for diagnosing.

    The results of the ultrasound today showed nothing abnormal, but I am doing the cleanse anyway since the symptoms are right in line with gall stones and I figure a cleanse will do me good in case there is something going on regardless of the ultrasound results. If the cleanse doesn’t help I feel I am back at square 1 trying to figure things out. I am hoping for good results.

    I will keep all your notes in mind, that it could take awhile and a few cleanses too. The peanut butter is a good tip too. I read that whole beats will thin the bile, so we’ll be having more of that too… my hubby will be happy about that since he loves beets.

    Blessings to you and THANK YOU!

  7. This also was a very interesting blog. I read them all. However, knowing what I know about gallstones, (I had my removed years ago) what you are passing is most likely not gallstones. I had 2 large stones the size of ping pong balls, and numerous small grainy type stones. They all were mustard yellow in color. (the surgeon saved them for me) The common bile duck is very small, and it only takes 1 small stone to block it. When this happens, the bile builds up in the bladder. The pressure is what causes the pain.
    having said this, I am all over the natural remedies. Cleanses etc. Why the peanut butter alleiviates the pain, I don’t know. If it works,that is great. The peanut butter has fat. Bile breaks down fat, so it doesn’t make sense. But if it works, Great! Don’t question it.
    regarding my surgery, it is my wish that they just removed the stones and not the galbladder. This I have no explaination.

    good luck and peace

    • Hi Sara,
      I’ve done quite a bit of research on gallstones, and they do come in different colors, sizes and textures. Most of them aren’t really “stones” in the sense that they’re soft. Apparently they’re usually made primarily out of cholesterol and are green, the color of bile. I’ve talked to a person who had her gallbladder removed and still got gall pain, presumably because the liver produced these “stones” making their passage through the bile duct painful. Since I wrote this post, I’ve been mostly gall pain free. After about three months the pain started up mildly and I did another cleanse and passed more green stones, mostly very small ones (not to be too graphic, but they float and are florescent green). Right now I’m trying to discover why my liver produces lumpy bile. If I can get to the cause, then I won’t have to do these cleanses.


  8. I also found during the attacks, laying on my right side was very helpful.

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