Better living through surgery for our little bull, Makani

Our jersey calf, Makani is just over a year old.  His mother is a high quality jersey and his sire is a top syndicated bull.  So we left Makani intact as a potential breeding bull and at the same time have been training him to work as an ox.  Recently he had become slightly challenging to we humans.  He sometimes dropped his head and shook his horns and would on occasion refuse to stop attacking the manure cart when I came into his stall to clean (room service).  Even when I rapped him on the nose with the handle of the manure fork, he’d keep attacking the cart.  So I picked up the phone and called the vet.  Makani now has much less testosterone to deal with and although we are disappointed that he won’t be passing on his exceptional breeding, we are very pleased to have a much more docile family member.

Today some people came to see our project and we brought Makani out for a photo op.  It was one of our fine, rare beautiful Pacific Northwest clear winter (almost) days.

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~ by Anuttama on December 19, 2010.

One Response to “Better living through surgery for our little bull, Makani”

  1. Congratulation! Makani is very photogenic, maybe modeling is in his future!

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