Eating homegrown food in the Winter

A couple of months ago we happened to run into a fellow Self Reliant Community member, Ron in the grocery store.  I believe he said, “busted” when he saw us there.  Apparently some members of the Self Reliant Community think that we disdain grocery stores.  That’s not quite true.  We do have things that we buy such as ingredients for making homemade laundry detergent, bananas, oranges and various other treats.  We stopped buying chocolate when we found out that milk chocolate could possibly be laced with melamine.  Sigh.

Most of our meals are still harvested from the garden.  We have beets, carrots, parsnips still in the ground.  Our potatoes are keeping nicely in the well house.  We have an ample supply of winter squash and still have dried tomatoes from the year before last.  However just the other day I harvested what seems to be the last of the kale for a pizza.  We really like crunchy fresh salads so I’ve been making sprouts.   Because of a surplus of kale seeds, I’ve made kale sprouts, but find making alfalfa sprouts is easier.  Below are some photos of our sprout hatchery:

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~ by Anuttama on December 22, 2010.

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