The worst possible association

We have invited a stranger into our homes who is not our families’ well-wisher.  Yes, he’s charming, can tell a great story and has so much interesting information.  Yes, everybody talks about him all the time like’s he’s their best friend.  Yes he’s capable of helping people and doing lots of good.  But if you take the time to analyze the behavior of this charming stranger, you’ll discover that he’s not your family’s well-wisher and you’ll discover that he is hiding a dark agenda.

When he first came into our homes, Mr. TV’s behavior was mainly benign.  He did make smoking seem cool, but for the most part his entertaining stories and products that  he pushed promoted good family values.  Over the years his behavior has become more and more degrading and demoralizing.  Just last night Billy and I were at a New Year’s party with the neighbors who had invited Mr. TV into their living room for the party.  I didn’t personally hear it, but some of the neighbors were commenting on the fact that there was a news segment about an “artist” who painted pictures using “erotic” parts of his body.  Apparently he needed a specific environment to achieve his “art”.  And this was aired at about 10:00 pm on New Year’s Eve when children are awake and possibly being entertained by Mr.TV.  Such dirt is even polluting for adults, but people are so enamored with Mr. TV that such filth is tolerated.

When the technology for radio and TV was first invented, our government determined that the frequencies used to broadcast, being natural God-given resources, should belong to the people.  As such it was determined that to preserve the freedom of the press and to keep the people truly informed that there needed to be strict limits to how many media outlets an individual or organization was allowed to control.  However gradually over decades these limits were relaxed and we are in a position today where almost all of the major media are owned by just a few individuals.  Does anyone reading this think that it is possible that an individual or a group of people might possibly be greedy enough to want everyone’s everything?

Throughout history there have been people who have sought to take over the world: Alexander, Genghis Khan, Aurangzeb, Napoleon, Hitler, to name a few.  In the Bhagavad-Gita, a spiritual text from over 5000 years ago, God tells His friend Arjuna:

The demoniac person thinks: “So much wealth do I have today, and I will gain more according to my schemes. So much is mine now, and it will increase in the future, more and more. He is my enemy, and I have killed him; and my other enemy will also be killed. I am the lord of everything. I am the enjoyer. I am perfect, powerful and happy. I am the richest man, surrounded by aristocratic relatives. There is none so powerful and happy as I am. I shall perform sacrifices, I shall give some charity, and thus I shall rejoice.” In this way, such persons are deluded by ignorance.

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is Chapter 16, Text 13-15

If you examine history, study human nature and consult spiritual resources, it is easy to conclude that yes, there are probably people with the ambition and ability to conspire to control the world.  In the past this has been tried through military campaigns, but this time it appears that these demonic people are endeavoring to gain control through controlling information via the media and through controlling wealth through the banking system.

I can just hear detractors saying, “no, there is the left wing media and the conservative media that present two totally different pictures.”  Actually they present pretty much the same information.  Although I don’t have Mr. TV in my home per se, he does occasionally enter via my computer.  As such I’ve occasionally watched Jon Stewart, a jester whose job it is to calm the ire of the masses.  I’ve seen him several times show clips of many different “talking heads” who are saying exactly the same thing. It is as though some higher authority gives these “talking heads” the buzz words to use and the message and they broadcast the message like parrots.  For example, although the media did report that a third building in the World Trade Center collapsed into its footprint on 9-11, not one TV station did any follow up on the odd collapse.  No major media investigated whether there were traces of explosives in the dust from the building or followed up on the owner of the building’s strange comment that he gave the order to “pull it”, a jargon phrase used by the demolition industry meaning to blow a building up.  And the media reported within minutes of the 9-11 events that the mastermind was Osama bin Landen, whereas today Osama bin Laden is not wanted by the FBI for the 9-11 events due to lack of evidence.

There is a small percentage of people, about 3%-5% of the population who are born unencumbered by a conscience.  These people are labeled “sociopaths” by psychologists who say that the condition is incurable because sociopaths don’t feel that they have anything wrong with themselves.  And in fact being a sociopath is a huge advantage for an individual when he/she wants to achieve his goals because he is able to commit acts that would be impossible if he were burdened by the tether of a conscience.  Such a person can lie, looking a person in the eye and even pass a lie detector due to the strength of conviction that he has of the reality he has created with his lie.  A sociopath could plan and execute the killing of thousands of people to further a political aim such as starting a war that might otherwise be hard to justify.

Most of us have sociopaths in our lives: about one person in twenty is unburdened by a conscience.  Unfortunately these people are hard to spot because they tend to be crafty about how they go about achieving their goals.  The goals are usually associated with controlling others, so seeing behavior that seems to be directed to achieving that goal is one indication that the person might be a sociopath.  You will know that the person is question is a sociopath if he does hurtful/harmful things and then shows no remorse when caught doing them.  One sociopath within a family can destroy the harmony of the family.  For instance in my article “A hurtful Christmas for the Budds“, it turned out that my mother’s husband,  who is very likely a sociopath, campaigned for us to be excluded from the family Christmas celebration because it is apparently his goal to protect my Mom from being around anyone who might influence her other than himself.  While last year’s Christmas was heralded by my Mom as being the “best Christmas ever”, this Christmas where the Budd family was banned was very likely my Mom’s husband’s best Christmas ever.  Our lesson from this experience that it is paramount to avoid having anything to do with a sociopath–a person without a conscience–because such people poison everything that they are able to influence.  Similarly, the sociopaths who seem to be in the process of trying to get everyone’s everything need to be exposed and shunned.

Mr. TV is a tool of the big, bad sociopaths and his influence is poison.  When a person in society is popular and has a huge following, such a person is able to accomplish a great deal with his influence.  Someone who rejects the influence of such a popular person might be perceived by the fan club as being odd or contrary.  So if you reject Mr. TV and make the effort to research the facts of recent and historical events, you may be labeled by the people Mr. TV controls as being a “conspiracy theorist”, but you will be much more free and happy.  Good luck and I hope you give a thought to who controls your opinions.


~ by Anuttama on January 1, 2011.

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  1. im hope im not labeled at all nor as a conspiracy theorist for researching truths and rejecting Mr.TV. ridding my life of a very negative and harmful person freed me to search for a path of happiness.

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