A list of services/goods offered by a small group attending our alternative currency meeting:

Last night our Self Reliant Community group had a meeting as a follow up to Francis Ayley’s presentation about Life Dollars.  About 15 members turned up at the Fire Station on 70th Ave., and we discussed getting a large enough group of people together who could offer services and goods which could be traded in Life Dollars, an alternative currency that is not burdened by scarcity or interest.  It seemed that everyone was interested in participating and we briefly discussed the possibility of starting an independent currency, rather than joining the currency already started.  The consensus was that the $25 fee to join Life Dollars was very reasonable, and the fact that people had to pay some Federal Reserve notes to belong would give them the incentive to use the service, so it was decided that we would participate in the Life Dollars currency.  One member was designated as the official nag to call the other members to gently remind them to send in their applications and registration fees after a reasonable time.

According to Francis, a group of 35 members in an area is the core number of members needed to offer enough of a variety of services/goods to make enough variety for members to both have something that they want and also to have members who need a service/good from them.  We encouraged all participants to make an effort to try to get at least two friends, especially unemployed people to also sign up.

We made a list on the white board of things that we could offer for Life Dollars.  This is, of course a partial list from the 15 or so people attending.  Most people will think of more things they can offer:

tractor work

hauling (one ton truck)

food including veggies, fruit, dairy products, eggs and meat


house sitting

animal care

book keeping/accounting


cheese making class

handiman work


finish carpentry

tool rental


art work/cartoons




food preservation

food preservation classes


vegetarian catering


jewelry repair


speech therapy

instruments class

computer work

computer repairs

house cleaning

teaching gardening



farm/garden chores




auto mechanics


dog training


oil painting/fine art/portraits


financial advising

filling out forms

reducing debt consulting



income tax prep

personal training

nutrition teaching

wood working class/wood turning

seedlings/veggie starts

greenhouse space rental


~ by Anuttama on January 13, 2011.

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