Livable Communities or Living Hell?

The link below is to an article that appeared in Range Magazine and explains where this trend towards “sustainable” communities is heading:

Below is a map that shows what the Bio-diversity/Wildlands Project for the United States looks like.  If you live in one of the yellow or red areas, the plan is for you to move to a light blue area.


~ by Anuttama on January 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Livable Communities or Living Hell?”

  1. I live in a light blue area, and it’s nice. But I don’t want the whole country to move here.

  2. As usual, lies & deceit from politicians. If Bush was so concerned about open space and the environment, then why did he allow our borders to go unprotected and allow massiave legal and illegal immigration? Back in the 70’s they told us to limit the size of our families to preserve open space and our resources. All the while the immigration act of 1965 allows massive amounts of chain migration of peoples from third world countries, who have huge families, and worst of all, these people DONT assimilate. They are trying to bring about their agenda by picking away here and there, so it goes unnoticed, as in telling us what shower head and toilets we can use, and only allowing one type of lightbulb.

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