Tenets of the new religion

I”ve been corresponding with a friend who I suspect is a follower of the new religion of Glocalization.  Below is a response to an e-mail he wrote me:


Dear Homer Sterdley,

I’m happy about your opportunity and hope it comes through for you.

Regarding the video, I felt that the body of Don Casey’s presentation substantiated his premise that a new religion is emerging that is threatening to impose itself on the American people.  Here is my understanding of the tenets of this religion:

  • Life comes from matter and people are a product of random evolution.
  • At this point, people have basically become a parasite on the Earth.
  • The solution to this parasitism is to reduce the population, keep people and all of their activities within reasonable borders.
  • If people are to evolve further, they need to develop a deep respect for Nature and make Nature’s priorities their foremost concern.
  • Happiness can be achieved by respecting the needs of others, sharing resources, dividing work and working together under the direction of “governance.”

This religion (set of beliefs) sounds great.  But it isn’t the truth.

  • Mathematically there is no way that random chemicals can organize themselves into bodies.  We can see in Nature that things when left to themselves don’t organize, but rather tend to disintegrate.  Matter and consciousness are two separate things and consciousness continues beyond the time it inhabits one body or another.  Anything that has life has consciousness and that consciousness is independent of the body.  You can prove this to yourself by simply observing that every cell in your body is replaced within seven years, yet you remain.  You may grow in your knowledge and wisdom, but essentially the “you” is there throughout the various bodies you inhabit through your life.  Your baby body looks very different from your old person body, and all of the atoms are different, but you are the same person.
  • I agree that people are basically a parasite on the Earth at this point in history.  But I don’t agree that they have to be a parasite by their presence.  If people change their lifestyles and consciousness, their presence can enhance their environment.  Not only for themselves, but also for the plants and animals around them.
  • People need to evolve in consciousness and learn to be more truthful, compassionate, merciful, clean and selfless.  This can be done in any human body, even a “handicapped” human body.
  • Happiness can only be achieved by the consciousness (soul) acting in his eternal identity as a part and parcel of the Supreme.  It is the relationship with the Supreme that is the purpose of life.  This relationship can be revived simply by endeavoring to revive it.  A relationship with God is interactive and dynamic.  It is not something that only occurred long ago with scriptural characters: it is something that a person can achieve through desire, hard work and, yes, sacrifice.  Automatically when you work to revive this relationship, your living becomes more harmonious with Nature because Nature is a part and parcel of the Supreme.

When I was 17, I set out on a journey to find the answer to the question, “if God exists, and He is in control and He is compassionate, why is there so much suffering, particularly with young people who are faultless?”  In my journey to discover the answer to this question, I met with a number of mystical experiences and synchronicities that were some of the most real experiences of my life.  And to this day, I can easily analyze whether I’m on the right path by how much God reveals Himself.  This is not a matter of belief, but rather something that is quite real in my life.

The Earth is capable of supporting ten times the current population, but to do so the people would have to live in a much different manner and have a higher level of consciousness.  The solution isn’t to try to impose a set of rules and restrictions on people but rather to lead them to happiness by becoming more conscious of God.  Then they will automatically try to please God by living in a more harmonious manner.

I’m curious about your reaction to this concept,



~ by Anuttama on March 21, 2011.

One Response to “Tenets of the new religion”

  1. Hare Krishna, prabhu,

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please accept my humble obeisances.

    Thank you for alerting us to this phenomena and for your sagacious reply.

    They may be calling it a new religion but its not really a religion, nor is it new. According to His Divine Grace, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, real religion means to know and love God. There is no mention of God in their manifesto. It is not new because this kind of thinking is very old–since the beginning of creation, man, particulary the asuric or demoniac kind, has been in illusion about who and what he is and what is the purpose of life, this is just old attiudes being promoted as if new.

    Srila Prabhupada wrote a book especially to address this false ‘life comes from matter’ idea. It’s called “Life Comes from Life.” It’s brilliant.

    The idea of humans being parasites is also misconstrued. According to the Vedic wisdom, jiva jivasya jivanam–All living things subsist on the bodies of other living things. Whether its rice, fish, vegetables or flesh, something must die so we can live. Thus, everyone is a parasite. Murdering millions of people and other living things for reducing the population will not change this fact of life in the least. This claim against the population is being criminally spread as justification for the current and increasing use of weapons of mass destruction against the world populace by the creators of glocalization.

    No one has the right to kill anyone outside of the codes of the laws set by God. Those laws require the killing of six kinds of agressors: 1. One who steals a wife 2. One who sets fire to the house. 3.One who administers poison, 4. One who occupies land 5. One who attacks with deadly weapons 6. One who plunders riches. They are at once to be killed and there is no sin incurred for killing such agressors. The real religon is to follow the code of laws set by God, which this glocalization is not aware of and which would put them under a lot of distress should it become known and accepted by the population.

    Regarding respect for nature, nature is a set of laws and facilities given by God, under the control of God. The people trying to brainwash the youth into adopting this ideology are themselves the most guilty of serious crimes against nature, thus what they are promoting should be clearly suspect. Trying to teach what one is not following causes hypocritical mayhem. When one understands the Law Giver and Facility Maker, automatically the Lawgiver’s energy, Nature, is respected, so first step is to learn what we really are, Who is the source of this energy, Who controls it and why it is in place.

    People don’t ‘evolve’, they change the modes they are situated in. This can be understood from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita As It Is, unchanged, original edition, chapter entitled Three Modes of Material Nature, found online at http://www.asitis.com

    Their happiness ethic sounds like the ethics of a bee-hive. It does not take into account the four divisions of human life, sudra, vaisya, kshatriya and brahmin–workers, agriculturists and businessmen, administrators and warriors, and intellectuals and priests. Human society must be divided according to these principals for it to flourish individually and collectively.

    That being said, most of the population are workers or helpers and will be very happy in a society run by godly leaders. Businessmen, ie bankers, rather than greedily sucking the blood of the whole Earth and everything on it must be controlled by the godly intellectual and godly administrator class to utilize their energy to support all the classes. They are the ones who must be put to hard work and their profits utilized for the maintenance and benefit of all the other classes and useful, pious creatures like the cows, etc.

    The persons who have put this ideology forward think they are the highest of all but are actually of the lower two divisions, situated in the modes of passion and ignorance, the asuric business and worker group who want to cheat the others into being exploited by this godless glocalization scheme.

    Thank you.

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