Row cover frames made from PVC pipe

Billy has made a number of PVC frames that we’ve covered with mesh. Each one covers 5′ x 10′ and they are made from 10′ lengths of PVC pipe with no waste. The mesh keeps the poultry from eating young plants and it also supports clear plastic to act as a mini-greenhouse to prolong our growing season. I really like them because they are easy to move around and configure. I can put two end-to-end with plastic to create a long row cover or just protect a bed of brassicas until they are large enough to be unpalatable to the ducks. Then I can remove the frame and the ducks can keep my cabbage free from slugs! Here is a short video I made that shows how to bend the PVC pipe to make these simple frames:


~ by Anuttama on March 30, 2011.

One Response to “Row cover frames made from PVC pipe”

  1. Very cool way to use PVC pipe, I enjoy all the stories of people who use pvc pipe in unique ways.

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