Easy and artistic bee swarm capture

Some days things just go easy!  Today we had a fairly unexpected swarm of bees from one of our topbar hives.  We’ve decided to use Langstroth hybrid hives rather than topbars due to the length of time it takes to care for the topbars and due to the fact that bees get squished more in the topbars.  This swarm kindly settled on a lilac bush at an easy height.  Because it was so easy, we were able to video the capture:

Not only was this swarm easy to put in a new home, they were really beautiful in the lilac bush.


~ by Anuttama on May 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Easy and artistic bee swarm capture”

  1. oh w0w! good job ~

  2. Hi auntie.hope all is well.

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