We did it! Moving to New Nandagram starting tomorrow

We just got back from signing the papers (after a torturous delay due to the fact that the property was owned by the VA and they’re really slow) and will begin moving tomorrow!!!  We will gratefully accept any help offered during this move.  We have a four horse gooseneck trailer, our horse trailer, our cargo trailer and a small trailer loaned to us by the Swiss Sisters all loaded and ready to go.  Anyone who wants to visit our new property can ride up with us and help unload there.  And if any such people still have energy and enthusiasm, they can load an unload another load:)

Please give me a call if you have extra time in the next few days,


Anuttama (253) 875-1842


~ by Anuttama on September 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “We did it! Moving to New Nandagram starting tomorrow”

  1. Wish we were closer to help with your move! We’ll be thinking of you

    • Thanks Jean and Dennis! Moving is torture, but when friends help, it is almost fun. We’ve got out of debt with the banks, but now we’re in debt to the wonderful friends who have been helping us.

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