Update and photos of New Nandagram

We’ve been here a month now, and although progress in getting the property fixed and clean has been slow, we’ve made lots of progress.  The weekend before last, nine people helped get the 9 acre pasture ready for the animals and did other repairs.  The big hero was Tristan who although only 14 slung a hammer like a pro.  He demolished unnecessary walls in the barn and then shoveled gravel into stalls to level them for mats.  He also got the pressure washer running and fixed the rototiller.  All without complaint (or pay).  We did give him Twasheek, the 30 year old formerly starved horse who was given back to us due to his former caretaker needing to simplify her life.

Last week a friend, Gopta, came for a visit and has done amazing things to get the house more liveable.  He determined that the 50 year old hardwood floor was in fact salvageable and then proceeded to turn a floor that looked like it should be demolished into an exquisite, rich work of art.  He also fixed gutters, cleaned roofs, painted ceilings and taught us how to texture walls.

Here are some pictures of how things are now and one picture of Billy’s new birthday tractor:


~ by Anuttama on October 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Update and photos of New Nandagram”

  1. I am so pleased to hear that you have received such massive support from your extended family of friends and kindred spirits. It is such a blessed gift. So, your house is coming together – and some guy fixed your floor? Wonderful – and taught you how to plaster walls? Wow.

    That is so splendid!

    I hope to get out there soon and see the progress!

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  3. this Gopta sounds like someone i’d love to be living next door.

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