New Family Members!

The Budds have welcomed little Torus who was born early Wednesday morning.  Mother and son are doing well and we’re expecting to have lots of dairy products to once again share with friends.  We also picked up Rain, Torus’ grandma who was unexpectedly offered to us by the Pioneer Farm Museum that used to employ her as a cow for children to milk.  Here are some pictures of our new family members, taken in the barn due to the fact that we’re being inundated with rain:

The word “torus” describes an energy field, shaped something like a doughnut that surrounds many things in nature such as planets, galaxies, atoms and even living beings.  I just watched a documentary that makes connections with the torus to seemingly unrelated ideas such as free energy, crop circles, UFOs, world hunger, chemtrails, wars, health and happiness.  The good thing about the documentary is that it gives some realistic solutions to the problems facing us.  It can be seen at:  I highly recommend it.


~ by Anuttama on November 24, 2011.

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