The Self Reliant Project at New Nandagram

The Self Reliant Community Project of East Lewis County

First Meeting: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm.

151 Anderson Rd. Glenoma WA


Billy and Anuttama Budd are happy to announce their successful relocation to East Lewis County.  We’ve named our new farm “New Nandagram” (pronounced new non-duh-grom).  It is the former Rainey Valley Farm located in Glenoma, 14 acres of pasture, barns, a covered arena, other buildings and a house.  We will be continuing our project which we did in conjunction with the Self Reliant Community in Graham where we explore all kinds of aspects for living locally and self reliantly including:

  • growing, processing and preserving our food without depending on petroleum driven machinery
  •  bee keeping
  • using alternative energy (solar food dehydrators, wind generators, solar collectors etc.)
  • building energy passive buildings using locally available materials (cordwood construction, timber framing etc.)
  • permaculture
  • exploring using natural remedies for curing physical ailments (herbal medicine, colloidal silver, acupressure, urine therapy etc.)
  • using animal power to farm (oxen, draft horses)
  • growing, harvesting and processing food grains including wheat, oats, barley and buckwheat
  • home dairying including cheese making
  • using alternative forms of currency including barter, life dollars etc.
  • becoming conscious of God

We currently have a milk cow, an ox, 9 slug-eating drakes, two bantam hens (including the great mommy, Margaret Scratcher), two dogs, three cats, racing pigeons and two horses.  We also have been collecting manually operated machinery for a working farm including a petal operated wheat thresher, hand scythes, an ox cart and hand wood working tools.  We also have a petal operated dehuller scheduled to arrive this month.

We expect to soon be able to offer classes including cheese-making, woodworking, grain growing, food preservation and basket weaving in the near future. 

Because we benefited so much from the community involvement with the Self Reliant Community of Graham, we will also be starting a Self Reliant Community of East Lewis County with the first meeting being held at our farm, 151 Anderson Rd., Glenoma on Wednesday January 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm. and continuing on the third Wednesday of the month thereafter.  For more information please call: Billy and Anuttama Budd 360-496-0058 


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