An interesting observation on our blog:

A little over two years ago I wrote an article about what I had discovered regarding having a stock of food stored.  Here is a link to that blog post: article
Below is a chart that shows the trends in viewership of that article:

Months and Years

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2010 44 44
2011 96 81 99 59 70 54 66 126 92 106 113 113 1,075
2012 167 236 265 156 158 183 236 344 163 1,908

Average per Day

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Overall
2010 2 2
2011 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 4 3 3 4 4 3
2012 5 8 9 5 5 6 8 11 9 7

What I’ve noted is that the viewership has more than doubled in recent months.  Already, with several months left before the end of the year, the yearly viewership in 2012 is almost double the 2011 viewership.   Apparently people are thinking more and more about storing food.


~ by Anuttama on September 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “An interesting observation on our blog:”

  1. Do you realize that it is actually ILLEGAL to store food? A neighbor of mine has a stock of food and told me that it was against the law. The government is so corrupt, BOTH parties, and they have been passing laws that circumvent our CONSTITUTION for a long time now, thinking that one of these days, and maybe not in the distant future anymore, they will spring them on us to totally enslave or murder us as consequences to us for not going along with their agenda. Not too long ago, Rosa Delauro in New Haven, CT, tried to pass a law to make growing organic illegal. Her husband “just happens” to be a lobbyist for Monsanto.

    What happened to personal responsibility in this country? Why should someone who is maybe in his early forties get a handout for the government because he can’t read, but he has a thriving handyman repair business. Can’t he learn to read? Why should there be women having babies with no husband or man in the house? Why do WE have to pay all the costs for THEIR children?

    Obviously I am NOT a SOCIALIST. The SECOND AMENDMENT is the most important as without it we wouldn’t have the FIRST, but then again, PC has almost nullified the first. I am FED UP with it all.

    • The reality is that it isn’t “our” government, but rather corporations which took over receivership of the government when the united states of America went bankrupt. If you don’t fall for being a citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation, you can avoid their codes and statutes by steadfastly insisting that you are a human being, not a person (corporation). It is called sophistry and it has tricked most of us. The bottom line, however, is that might is right. Our plan is to keep under the radar. Billy says, “turn off the boob tube, grow a garden and get to know your neighbors.”

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