We offer a variety of classes for people who are interested in different aspects of local living.  Please e-mail or call: (360) 496-0058 if you are interested in a class in any of the subjects offered.


Cheese Making/Home Dairying

Our cow, Lani Moo, is giving about 5 gallons of milk per day which means I’m making a 20lb wheel of cheese or a large batch of mozzarella quite often.  Anyone who is interested in learning how to make cheese is welcome to come on a cheese day and assist me.  Suitable trades may be waived in lieu of the class fee of $25.  I also teach how to do other home dairying such as making yogurt or kefir, butter, panir (curd) and other cheeses.

Vegetarian Cooking

If you are interested in learning how to turn the bounty of your garden into delicious, satisfying meals, consider attending our cooking classes.   Rather than learn recipes, we usually focus on how various ingredients can be prepared to bring out the individual qualities of the ingredient.  Most ingredients used are things that grow easily in our climate.  Classes are held at our farm, 151 Anderson Rd., Glenoma, WA.   Call or e-mail for more information. 


Billy and I have been studying growing food intensely since 2007 and are ready to share what we’ve learned.  We will offer small classes throughout the growing season that are appropriate for the time of year.  For instance:

  • Site selection and preparation for your food garden.  This is actually one of the most important factors determining whether you will be successful in being able to grow food.
  • How to make homemade fertilizer using what is available at your property/neighborhood.
  • How to create micro-climates within your garden that can extend the growing season and enable you to grow plants that might not otherwise thrive in our cool PNW climate.  This includes how to make a large hoop house 10′ x 24′ for less than $200, cold frames for under $10, and other ideas that can be made using recycled/free materials.
  • Alternatives to traditional garden plots including huegel beds, raised beds, container gardens and companion planting.
  • How to select varieties plants that will be delicious, nutritious and easy to preserve.
  • How to use natural methods to control weeds, disease and pests
  • How to garden with the intent of saving seeds that will be increasingly appropriate for your unique situation.
  • How to grow, harvest and process grains for your own use.
  • How to cook and preserve what you have grown.


Billy is a very accomplished wood turner and has had his work sold in galleries and gift shops throughout Hawaii.  He is able to teach a small number of students how to turn wood.  He is also available to teach many other kinds of wood working including framing, furniture making, strip plank boat making, finish carpentry and more.  Please e-mail or call for more information.

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