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11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Dear Prabhu’s
    Thanks you for the eye opening article
    Tragically,Iskcon has had so many problems
    and changes made to it (in the USA/UK)
    They (like the Media) do not address these URGENT,grave
    and Clear and Present DANGERS made by the Demonic Leaders.
    I dont see talk of this on Iskcon News or
    Prabhupada warned us–to live OFF the land and war was coming IF Civilization (USA) will not take to KC.
    TOO many years have passed and Iskcon has done almost NOTHING in the area of real farm communities,,,Too much compromise was made to Iskcon and The time has come to wake up Jiv Jago…..Wars coming,,,famine is coming…Its here
    So there you go……Ironically New Vrindaban Iskcon
    has made a contract with Oil Companies–To Drill on Prabhupada’s land… for $$$ How Offensive and Wrong
    At a time when they should be the example of self-reliance
    Now is the time to follow Prabhupada’s exact Instruction’s
    Without Deviations or Compromise in iskcon. A return
    to Its Original Roots.
    Its real Kali Yuga coming at us FULL Speed ahead.
    Thanks and take care
    Your servant

  2. Again ,,,Prabhus
    You hit the nail on the head !
    Ironically,,,Its nations like Russia
    that may survive better this coming WAR 3
    Most Americans have no land or grow food.
    Because Russian have always been growing
    their own food at their Dachas,,,still even Russian
    people will suffer in the coming wars
    The GBC should address the Issue of World War 3
    and How devotees will save their lives. Not a peep from
    Official iskcon about this…sound familiar ? (main stream
    media coverups about 911–false wars–false Terror etc..)
    STOP Watering down Iskcon and its preaching.Its URGENT.
    We must preach as —-Prabhupada wanted NOW !
    Take Care
    Your servant,
    Jaya Madhava das (acbsp) Moscow Russia
    Your Servant

  3. Hare Krishna from Puerto Rico!!

    Great Blog…congrats!!!

    your servant
    Vrajabasi Das

  4. Awesome! You RULE!

  5. Living on such a farm is one of my dreams. Hope it works out for you. I would love to be involved.

  6. Hello, I think i was one of the first to view your mozzarella recipe a few years ago and have tried multiple times, but without success. I have conquered all parts up to the over night part. Mine is not forming a solid form like yours. Should I pour out the whey and let it drain? I am used to the microwave way, but am yearning to understand the old fashion way. thank you Tori

  7. Greetings and thank you for sharing some real gems! I am very interested in your mozzerella recipe I came across on u-tube but came to the blog looking for specifics and found that your archive does not go back 3 years to the age of that video. Specifically what I seek:
    How much WHOLE (I presume) milk are you starting with?
    How much buttermilk are you adding to that?
    Just an aside from my world – Do you every save the Whey for soup stock? It works wonderfully with many veggies & spices/herbs!
    I assume when your recipe gets to the point of draining off and saving 2 cups of whey, then adding water and salt, THAT is the sale mixture you are finishing the mozz in..yes? If not, what’s it for and what’s your salt water mixture composed of?
    Yours is a refreshingly simple and pure (as in without chemicals) recipe for a great staple. Thank you for the time, effort and sharing your experience. I’ll look for a reply AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. Be Well. Pat Maddock

  8. Hi Billy and Anuttama. We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the cheese making class! It was absolutely excellent! Great job! We hope to see you guys again sometime. If you ever have a yearning to meet some goats, come on over.

  9. I was wondering if you knew about a type of fish that can be kept alive that will repopulate very fast to help feed a family along with other stored food…
    I heard about the fish a while ago and I cannot remember what is was called or how to make a habbiat for them, if anyone knows please let me know
    thank you

    • The healthiest source of protein is a mixture of whole grains and legumes, such as beans and rice. Along with some cheese or other diary product, fresh veggies that is my idea of an ideal diet. I don’t know much about fish since I don’t eat animals:)

  10. What are your thoughts about this new hand pump machine? It operates the same pump cylinder system used for a 12 foot diameter windmill and pumps 6 gallons a minute. No hand pump in the world can do this!

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