Tuki’s one month old!

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My daughter sent me these pics from when Tuki was only a few days old:

He is doing very well and drinking most of his Mom’s milk.  Soon we’ll separate them at night so that we get some milk, too.

Rain, Tuki’s grandmother (now Reina) just had a calf at the Sisters’  here are some pics of little Ra, a full brother to Makani:

Reina’s udder is enormous.  I sent the Sisters a link to a cow bra!

Banyan bridge in India

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Tracy posted this on their Self Reliant site:

Cider Pressing at Jack Wasson’s Place

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Last week our Self Reliant Community group was invited to Jack’s place.  He has a large, sturdy press and the 8 or so attendees were kept busy washing, halving, loading, pressing and bottling the juice.  Our 3 bushels of apples yielded about 5  gallons of juice.  I canned same, and am letting some turn to vinegar if we are able to leave it alone!  After the pressing we enjoyed cheese, cake and of course apple juice!

Jack’s place was historically the valley’s cider pressing place, in fact there is even a poem about it:

Wasson’s Cider Mill

Frank Carleton Nelsom

It’s hard to say just why it is, but

’round this time o’ year,

There’s something ’bout the autumn

days and in the atmosphere,

That takes me back to olden times in

memory, you know,

And once again I seem to live my

youth of long ago.

And greatest of the great events that

as a boy I knew,

In ecstasy that’s near divine, again

I’m living through,

For on that top-box wagon load of

apples comes a thrill,

Of riding o’er the dusty road to

Wasson’s cider mill.

And though the distance wasn’t

great, in miles exactly four,

The gait the horses jogged along, it

meant an hour or more

And long before we reached the spot

the odor in the air,

Proclaimed beyond all human doubt

that Wasson’s mill was there.

And then we’d have to wait and wait

sometimes an hour or two,

And when our turn would come at

last to run our apples through

My dad would grab the monstrous

scoop and work with all his might,

While I would watch the cider flow

and drink to my delight.

Of sanitation, I’ll admit, we’d really

never heard,

As far as cider makin’ went, there

wasn’t such a word,

For in the hopper often dropped the

bad ones with the good,

And well I knew they didn’t do

exactly as they should

But after all it said and done

regardless of the way

Of doing things long years ago and

doing them today,

I’d love to take a pitcher now and

sit and drink my fill

Of cider as they made it then at

Wasson’s cider mill.

This Indiana poet grew up near the Samuel Wasson farm.

Melamine in pet food, human food?

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A friend in North Carolina recently bought a healthy puppy that within a few days began to have trouble urinating.  He took the puppy to a vet who confirmed that the puppy had an obstructed bladder and recommended putting the puppy down.  It died on Monday.  The symptoms are similar to what happened to our cat, Romeow.  Our neighbor across the street recently spent over $800 on vet bills trying to save her cat with identical symptoms.  The vet told her that it was due to feeding her cat Frisky’s cat food.

Is it possible that pet food is sometimes tainted with melamine?  I found this article: http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/is-it-melamine-again.html that substantiates that the FDA has turned away many imports including cookies, soya protein and other food products because they are tainted with melamine.  It also explains that the FDA only tests about 2% of the food imported.  So there is a potential for many foods that we and our animals consume are tainted with melamine.

It seems that different individuals have different tolerances for this melamine.  In individuals who process it like my kitty, Romeow and my friend’s puppy, it collects in the bladder and clogs the bladder, leading to death.

Buying food that is made in the USA doesn’t guarantee that all of the ingredients are made in the USA.  It isn’t required for food manufacturers to label that some ingredients are imported.  Of course there is also no guarantee that USA manufacturers don’t adulterate their products with melamine, either.  This is a sad state of affairs, but it confirms our commitment to growing everything we consume.

It’s a boy!

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The Budds are happy to announce the birth of little Tucaram who was born this morning.  Mom, Lani Moo, and baby are doing fine.  This is Lani Moo’s first, so she had to learn about standing still when her calf was trying to find the meal faucet, but that seems to have been resolved.  This evening we’ll find out if Lani Moo is agreeable to being milked.

We did have to assist this birth and Billy even got out his comealong, which fortunately wasn’t needed.  When the calf was out and being “cleaned”, Lani Moo reached over and gave me a lick, too.  I think she was thanking us for the help.

Little Tucaram getting cleaned up.

Tucaram was named by our friend Karah who speaks a different language.  She told us that “Tucar” means strong.  This calf is destined to become a strong working ox.

Autumn Pictures

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We’ve been harvesting squash, wheat, beans and more.  And of course riding Dee:


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Friendliness vs. Wariness

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Here is an ad that I placed on craigslist:

While distributing the neighborhood newsletter door to door the other day, I noticed that people give subtle cues regarding their:
1) level of friendliness
2) emphasis on security

While many properties are neutral on these matters, I wanted our property to reflect that we are very friendly and yet also maintain a high level of security. Because we have large, loud dogs, we keep our gate closed at all times. This can be regarded as non-friendly. To moderate this non-approachable/friendly identity, I made the sign in the picture. For people approaching our property with good intentions, they know that all they have to do is to honk to get our attention. This removes the stigma that honking is obnoxious. People with bad intentions will be hesitant to honk and draw attention to themselves. If they don’t honk, we will naturally suspect their intentions and will be more wary of such people. If they do honk, we’ll be alerted to their presence.

I have made a stencil of the sign which measures 28″ x 21″. If you would like a sign, it can be painted any color, but I only have the orange color shown in the picture in exterior semi-gloss. I do have a cream semi-gloss in interior enamel and a light yellowish/beige in interior enamel. For an extra charge I can buy paint in any color, however, or you can provide the paint.

Here is a link to our blog: http://www.billyandanuttama.wordpress.com and to our neighborhood newsletter blog: http://www.theglenomagem.wordpress.com

Phone: 3 six 0, 496 zero zero 58

Here is a link to the craigslist ad: http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/grd/3296291126.html