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While my tendency is to be doing things, rather than writing about what I’m doing, I have had a lot of satisfaction from this blog.  Nothing encourages me more to share our experiences than feedback from our readers.  Billy and I are constantly having new realizations about how right a lifestyle is, that is locally based, and not dependent on the outside “civilization”.  One of the ways you can help us be encouraged to keep updating our blog is to subscribe to this blog.  It is free and as far as I know, wordpress doesn’t do anything with the e-mail addresses of our subscribers.  When you subscribe, wordpress automatically sends you a notice e-mail whenever I post a new article.

While Billy and I are not currently making any Federal Reserve Notes ($$$) from our blog, or much from our other activities, for that matter, we are becoming enriched by our experiences.  In the future we may need to figure out how to make more money to cover expenses, but for now a big challenge is just to stay motivated.  Please subscribe by scrolling down and clicking the “subscribe to this blog” button.  Thanks!

6 Responses to “Subscribe to be automatically be notified of new posts!”

  1. I am very interested in what you find out about Lab Grade KI.
    What are the impurities? Can it be refined and made into food grade?
    I don’t think that we will need it but it would be good to have this info available for those that will somewhere someday.
    Thank you

    • The Lab Grade KI that I got does list what the impurities are. The only one that I was concerned with was the heavy metals which are at<5 ppm. Other things like calcium, iron, magnesium and sodium aren't harmful. Chloride and bromide are at <.01%. Barium is at .002% and we probably get more than that from the constant spraying.

  2. I will certainly look forward to your next blog article. I’m glad you are sending the notice automatically.

  3. No comments. Just curiosity. The need to learn.

  4. Thank you for your video or Makani in harness. I have been trying to find out more about ox training using a harness. I would like to train up two steers using harness vs a yoke. I raise Red Poll cattle, no horns, so no backing up in a yoke. I have read that the use of a harness is more efficient and comfortable for the animal anyway. Most of my information has come from Tiller’s International and a Rural Heritage article or two. Still haven’t found anyone to talk to about how to start, get harnesses, etc. Have read several books and taken an Ox training workshop – everyone uses yokes! Any information you can give me about ox harnessing and training would be greatly appreciated. If my email doesn’t appear in you blog space, here is mine

  5. I just discovered your blog.
    We live in Packwood, and are beginning the same journey!

    Would love to keep up to date with you.

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