Banyan bridge in India

Tracy posted this on their Self Reliant site:


~ by Anuttama on November 15, 2012.

One Response to “Banyan bridge in India”

  1. Wonderful. I had seen the video some time ago, but after Sandy and NY it was good to see it again. NY and NJ might learn something from it, but Gawd knows how natural means like this could be implemented. But the general idea of living protection and living structures is a superb idea.

    I’ll be going back to NY in four week for the holidays and for part of my stay I’ll be touring the flood zone and reporting on how they are coming along in terms of recovery. I suspect that some neighborhoods near the ocean will be abandoned, either intentionally or by default. Nature will reclaim them, but also, major dune systems might be built as a way to buffer future storms. regardless, Sandy was transformative and the Post-Sandy world will be quite different in NY and the rest of the country. NY is asking for 30 billion dollars to rebuild, so the costs are significant.

    The big question is, what kind of New York does America want, because federal tax monies are going to pour in.

    See ya soon. Wayne and I will be heading out your way soon. He and I are going on a road trip to Susie Kiel’s place in Chehalis on Friday.


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