Pedal operated water pump

Recently a friend asked me what I thought she needed to do to be more self reliant and I replied that although she lives on a river, she doesn’t have an easy, convenient water source in the event of a prolonged electrical outage.  She has a well with an electric pump.  The pump in this article could be used to pump well water into an elevated storage tank which could gravity-feed a house and garden.  It is reasonably priced for what it does:

~ by Anuttama on December 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pedal operated water pump”

  1. in older days i used to see hand pumps at kitchen sink besides outside

  2. Pedal operated pumps are very useful to have in the even that there is no electricity to run more conventional pumps. However, the only problem is that it may take time to get the amount of water needed.

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